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4R Marketing System

The 4th R of the 4R Marketing System

Here’s a quick re-cap of this week’s posts covering the 4R Marketing System. The pyramid below give a quick outline but lets also review the first three R’s here. Reputation is the foundation of any business, online or off. If thousands of people find you because your

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The third "R" of the 4R Marketing System

So far this week we’ve gone over the first two of the 4R Marketing System: Reputation and Reach. Both these systems are critical to growing your business but in order to really maximize your marketing, all four systems must be in place. The third “R” is Resell.

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The second of the 4R Marketing System

Today’s post will cover the second of the 4R’s of the 4R Marketing System: Reach. This system is really crucial to building any business because if no one knows you are there, they can’t buy your stuff. But let me define reach in a little more professional

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Introducing the 4R Marketing System

This week’s blog series is going to be a little short since I did take time off to be with my family during the holidays, but I wanted to start the year off right with a webinar on a marketing system that will really help your business

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