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Local Marketing in a Global Market

The “Work” of Publishing a Book

Writing is something that I love to do. I really could spend all day writing and I did just that to get this draft of my book (Stress-Free Media: How to Harness the Power of the Internet to Gain a Global Presence) completed. Now that the draft

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My New Book!

It’s a very exciting day for me because I got my book back from the editor yesterday, read through it, made some final edits and it’s just about ready to publish! The new book is called “Stress-Free Media: How to Harness the Power of the Internet to

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Social Media Marketing Works Just about Anywhere

My trip to Johannesburg really was a life-changing event. I definitely have a different perspective on life, business, family and what’s really important (and conversely what’s not so important). This is not only true for me, but also for my two sons who were able to come

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Can Coming Late to the Table be Good Sometimes?

Just about every business person I spoke with in Johannesburg two weeks ago had the same reaction when I told them I was a social media manager. “Oh man, we need help with that!” Or they would say something like “We haven’t really been keeping up with

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3 Reasons Social Media Makes the World a Smaller Place

More amazing outcomes from my trip to South Africa, making me believe even more in the power of social media marketing to help small businesses grow (excerpted from my soon to be released book: Stress Free Media: How to Harness the Power of the Internet to Gain

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Local Marketing Goes Global…

I can’t believe the blessings I’ve had in my life, this year in particular. I have met amazing people, helped a lot of great small businesses grow and been able to teach hundreds of entrepreneurs about social media marketing and search engine optimization. And the year is

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