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Our mission

To help the little guy become the big guy. Doubling your leads. Driving lots of traffic. Getting you seen, heard and experienced. We set the standard when it comes to creating marketing materials that work.


Mandi Susman (@mandisusman) has a passion for helping others and started Sus4Media in 2010 to help small, local businesses in her neighborhood thrive, not just survive, in the turbulent economic climate. Since signing her first client, she has grown Sus4Media to provide copy writing and search engine optimization to small and medium sized businesses from coast to coast. Mandi’s second book, “Stress-Free Media: Harness the Global Power of the Internet” can be purchased through

Active Local Internet Marketing Association MemberShe is an active member of the Local Internet Marketing Association (LIMA) and is a Certified Social Media Strategist through Social Media Magic.

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