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Small Business Owners Are Still Struggling with Social Media

I’ve been supporting small business owners and their online marketing for several years now and I’m still hearing the same problems time and time again. I don’t have time to learn how to do this. I understand what you’re telling me but I just don’t have the hours in the day to focus on marketing my business online.

My response is that small business owners can’t afford not to find time to build their online presence. There may be a learning curve, but it doesn’t have to take months upon months to learn the basics and start building your following. It really can be done in under 30 minutes a week if you get organized and make a commitment to finding a time slot each week that works for you. Maybe there’s a TV show that your family watches that you don’t really like, step out of the room for those 30 minutes, get on the computer and schedule out your posts for the week. It can be done.

Since I keep hearing this from my clients, I know there are thousands more small business owners out there who don’t have the funds to hire a PR firm but know they need to be on social media so I’m developing a training course for just this situation. Watch this space for more details and comment below if you might be interested in this type of training.

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