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Google Hummingbird-Are we Starting Over Again?

Last week Google announced that it had been using a completely new algorithm for about a month now. They are calling it the Hummingbird update and you can read more about it on their official blog here. While it will take time to fully understand how this change will impact search, based on what they have published and what other experts are saying, this update will provide better results for searchers, is more geared toward the way people search now and should not have a negative impact on websites that use white hat SEO techniques. If your site has original, high quality content that is updated frequently and is relevant to the searches being performed, your site will continue to rank well.

This is a major update to the algorithm, the likes of which haven’t been seen since 2001. The updates of the last year or two, Penguin and Panda, were tweaks to an old formula, this is a brand new formula. Think about it like a company getting a new CEO. It’s still the same company and many of the products, services and systems remain in place during this change, but the new head comes in to drive the business faster, more efficiently and ultimately their customers benefit.

So what do we know about this update? At this point we have what Google has said and what we can assume about how that will impact search. Basically they are addressing the way people search now. That means via mobile device but it also means they want their questions answered. For example, if I type in “what is the Google hummingbird update” I would probably want to be directed to any information posted directly by Google. Likewise, if I want to know where to buy Nailtiques nail polish near my home, I’m looking for a retail store in my neighborhood that sells that particular brand of polish. This would assume that Google has my location (because I’ve given them permission to see where I am) and that the algorithm takes into account the entire question, not just certain words in the sentence.

This is brand new so we will be watching it unfold and be monitoring the impact on search as well as the conversations that happen among the search experts and keep you updated here. This is a very interesting development that builds upon the updates from last year but then takes it to a whole new level. Just what you expect from Google.

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