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Where does the time go?

social media marketingThis article from Arianna Huffington was a real eye opener for me, partly because as a small business owner myself, I am constantly struggling with making sure that I spend my time wisely each day and partly because the service I provide for my clients is intended to save them time while still growing their business.  Being able to provide social media management for my clients is an honor and a privilege and I find it a fun way to earn a living.

But social media is an incredible time sink! I am on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn multiple times a day and I literally have to set the timer on my phone to make sure I stop “fooling around” when I need to move on to another task. I am on those sites looking at what competitors are doing, collecting ideas for posts for my clients and curating content for both my social media sites as well as my clients, but a person could spend their entire life doing that and not actually ever get anything done so I limit my time to an hour each day and then shut them down, mostly.

What I provide to my clients is the comfort of knowing that their social media is active every day, without sucking an hour or five out of their work day. I see their presence growing, interaction increasing and ultimately sales growing as their message gets out there regularly, consistently and interactively. Its a great feeling and I feel so blessed that I have the skills and abilities to provide this service for my clients and I can give them that time back in their day.

If you don’t have the funds to hire someone to help you with your social media, here are some ways you can maximize your presence in a minimum amount of time.

First, use a tool like Hootsuite or Sprout Social to help you schedule your posts and tweets. It’s so important to have content going out regularly and consistently so when you find something great on Facebook, don’t just share it right then, put it into Hootsuite and schedule it for later, assuming it’s not super time sensitive, that is. If that’s the case, by all means share it right away, but if its a cute picture or an interesting article, schedule it for later. If you are only on Facebook and don’t want to mess with learning another program, you can schedule posts in advance on your business page. When you draft a post, there’s a little clock at the bottom left-hand corner of the post so click on that and schedule it out for a later date.

Secondly, spend one hour at the same time each week to schedule out your posts. Its fine to use the same times throughout the day but pay attention to the posts that get more attention and see if the time contributed to that  by posting again at that time on subsequent days. By focusing your content creation each week, you will spend less time floating around on Facebook or Pinterest and more time on your business.

If you liked these tips and are looking for more, check out this webinar replay on Social Media for Small Business.

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