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Circles? I have them under my eyes, but do I need them online?

The short answer is yes. If you’re going to be on Google+ you need to understand and use Circles on Google+. As for your eyes, if you figure out how to get rid of those, let me know!

The development of Circles on Google+ was one of the truly groundbreaking aspects of this social network when it first launched. One of the complaints that many people on Facebook had was the fact that when they posted something it went to every person they were connected to so if they were out in the bar on Friday night and posting photos all night, they could come in to a pink slip on Monday morning. We are going to skip the obvious here about not posting things that you wouldn’t share with grandma and the legality of making staffing decisions based on Facebook posts, and move into how Google took this valid criticism and created a solution.

The solution, that they call Circles, is to allow users to create different groups of people on the social network so they can post things just to one circle and not every person you’ve ever known. It’s really quite brilliant and many thought that this aspect of Google+ would propel it past Facebook because of the Friday night situation. While Facebook is still tremendously popular and certainly bigger and more active than Google+, this one aspect of social networking is really something to pay attention to.

By being thoughtful about the Circles you create, you can connect like minded people, create your own mastermind team, and have a ready group for marketing and sales. Despite what many business owners think, people do want to buy things online, but they want to buy things that they find, not things that are shoved in their face. So by making a Circle of people who, for example, are all moms with small kids, you can exchange recipes, babysitters and work from home opportunities. All interesting things for moms with small children. You can use your circles to build trust, provide valuable information, share ideas and just about anything else you’re doing online.

Hopefully this has shed some light on why Google+ is worth your time. If you weren’t able to join our webinar this afternoon, here’s the replay link, there’s lots of valuable information there from my team so do invest some time and take a listen.


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