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Sharing and Liking on Pinterest to grow your business

After the first two posts on Pinterest, you might not be getting why Pinterest is really hot these days. What is all the fuss about with this site? So today we’re getting into why this is such a “sticky” site. Essentially Pinterest is all about looking at pretty things. So if you post things that people like to look at, they will share them and get the word out.

The key is making sure you are posting pictures that are share-able. I like to go for the funny photos and those about running because we all like to laugh and I’m an avid runner. I have boards where I share celebrity pins that I find funny and a board about running. Here are some of my posts that have been “re-pinned” to give you an idea of how this works.

Pinterest pin to running board

This pin got the most shares and likes on my Running board

The amazing thing to me about this social network is that I just haven’t been able to predict what would get shared and what wouldn’t. So my philosophy is to pin things that I like that I think people will either find inspiring or helpful or funny and then see what happens. By creating conversations through sharing pins, you are developing online relationships with complete strangers who will then share your message. This is why Pinterest is so powerful. It really allows you to get more interaction online and ultimately that will make you more money.

The real key, though, is that you also have to share other people’s pins. You have to “spread the love” as it were. Not everyone will follow you back or re-pin your stuff, but if you don’t interact with others, they will definitely not interact with you. Add new content regularly and share other pins that you like and your presence will go. It’s easy and fun at the same time.

Tomorrow we will talk about selling directly from Pinterest and ways to do it to actually make sales.


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