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Does Selling Directly from Pinterest Work?

Yesterday I shared the fun of Pinterest and how sharing and like gets you more followers and traffic to your website. It’s really powerful if you are able harness the traffic that is already there so go back and review yesterday’s post for some ideas.

Businesses have begun using Pinterest not only to drive traffic to their existing e-Commerce site, but also for direct selling from their boards. Here’s an example of a vendor on

Pinterest for BusinessThis may not look any different from any other post, and essentially it isn’t, other than the price across the top left-hand corner of the pin. That’s really it. When you click the pin it directs you to the web page where you can buy the product. It’s very easy to set up and really doesn’t take any additional time, just a few extra seconds to put in the cost and set the link up.

Each business will want to look at what is working in their specific industry, however, because direct selling from Pinterest can turn off your followers who like to use the site for “window shopping” and don’t like people asking if they want to buy, which is what the price in the corner does. So take a look at your competitors or other businesses that might attract your ideal customers and see what they are doing and copy it. See how many re-pins and likes they get and look at the most shared pins to see if they are promoted or not.

I would encourage you to link the pin to the page on your site where they can buy the item even if you don’t have the price in the corner because someone interested enough to click on the pin is probably interested in buying so it can’t hurt.  So here’s how you do that.

First, after you log-in to the site, click on the Add+ button on the left-hand side of the top menu bar. Then select either “Add a pin” if there’s a URL where the photo is already uploaded, or “Upload a pin” if the photo is on your computer but not on the web anywhere. If you Add a pin, the URL will follow, so if it’s a product that you are currently selling or featuring on your website, you shouldn’t have to do anything else. If you are Uploading a pin, then you will have to go back and Edit the pin after you post it and add the URL in the appropriate box. It’s really not any more complicated than that. I hope you got a lot out of this blog series and jump into the fray on Pinterest. At the very least you should see some cool and fun things when you’re there. The replay of this webinar is up on the Education page so you can watch it over and over again if you like!

Next week we will jump into Google+ for local businesses and how to turn that site into a magnet for new customers. Not to be missed so look out for my blog series on this social network to help you grow your business.


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