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The third "R" of the 4R Marketing System

So far this week we’ve gone over the first two of the 4R Marketing System: Reputation and Reach. Both these systems are critical to growing your business but in order to really maximize your marketing, all four systems must be in place. The third “R” is Resell.

Every successful business owner knows its much easier and cheaper to sell to existing customers or clients than it is to acquire new clients, yet so many business owners don’t take the time to reach out to their existing customers and build long-lasting relationships.

But reselling has to be done in a way that makes sense for your current customer base. If your clients feel like you’re constantly hitting them up for more purchases, they will get turned off and go somewhere else. But if you are providing your customer base with useful information through a weekly or monthly newsletter then you can throw in specials or current customer deals every once in a while and see how your sales increase.

Again, in order for Resell, the third R of the 4R Marketing System, to be effective, it has to be part of a system of regular communication with your customers. Providing a newsletter or email with free, useful information will keep your business in front of your best customers and make it more likely that when they are ready to purchase again they will contact you first.

Here’s another way to think about resell (actually, it’s more of an up-sell…) There’s the McDonald’s approach: “Do you want fries with that?” Clearly people got sick of the constant up-sell so the merchandising team at the world’s largest fast food chain came up with a brilliant solution, create meals that come with fries and a drink. That way the customers up-sell themselves.

Your business might adapt well to the package idea, but if not, the resell system should include some kind of regular email or even direct mail to your customer database on a regular basis. Keep in touch with them and they will keep coming back.

The next post will culminate this series with the final “R” of the 4R Marketing System: Referral. See how it all comes together and get ideas for putting these systems in place.

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