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Introducing the 4R Marketing System

This week’s blog series is going to be a little short since I did take time off to be with my family during the holidays, but I wanted to start the year off right with a webinar on a marketing system that will really help your business grow this year.

The webinar ran today so if you missed it, here’s the link to the replay so you can get all the valuable information provided. I’m going to expand on the basic concept of the webinar, but do listen to the replay because I can’t cover everything in this shortened week’s posts.

The main concept of the session is the 4R Marketing Framework:

online marketing system

We will start the series with the most important of the R’s: Reputation. With the dawn of the digital age, information is so much more available on anything and everything you might be looking for. This is not just about useless facts, which are readily available, but also about how you spend your money. A huge percentage of consumers do research online before purchasing just about anything. Obviously, cars and houses and other big ticket items are on that list, but just about anything that people buy can be researched online. People want to get a good deal and they want good service from a reputable company.

If someone is searching for your product or service online and they come across your Google page with five stars, don’t you think they would be more willing to click on your website than your competitor who may not have any stars? What about the pizza place down the street that has 10 reviews on Yelp or a recommendation from a friend of yours. Would you go a block or two out of your way to go to that place over the closer one with no reviews?

Reputation is also about your ability to demonstrate that you are an expert in your field. Articles that you have published, blogs that are popular and have many subscribers, media coverage of any kind, all of these go into boosting your reputation. Obviously getting press isn’t always easy, but anyone can put out a press release and if it’s interesting enough you just might get some online outlets to pick it up.

The foundation of the 4R marketing system is really critical because if you don’t have a solid, positive online reputation, the other R’s won’t matter. Tomorrow we will move on to Reach-how many people know about your business and how can you get the word out?

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