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The 4th R of the 4R Marketing System

Here’s a quick re-cap of this week’s posts covering the 4R Marketing System. The pyramid below give a quick outline but lets also review the first three R’s here. Reputation is the foundation of any business, online or off. If thousands of people find you because your customers are complaining about your service or product, you are done. Reach is how many people can find you and how may places your business can be found online. Resell is pretty obvious to any business owner but it’s not just about hoping that your current customers will buy more from you. Take charge and put in systems to ensure that you are first in your customers mind when it comes to your product or service and systems to encourage more frequent purchases. Today we will cover the top of the pyramid, Referral.

Online Marketing System

This week’s webinar and blog series is called the 4R Marketing System. So the idea is not to hope and pray that your customers will refer their friends and family to your business, you have to put in systems to encourage and reward referrals. Here are so good examples of how a referral system might work. Let’s say you have a hair salon. You can put up a little card on the counter next to the register that says something like: “Refer a friend and you both get 10% off your next cut.” Or for a restaurant: “Refer a friend and get a free dessert on your next visit.” There are all kinds of creative ways to encourage referrals but the main idea is you want to advertise your referral bonuses to encourage your customers to refer your business without you having to ask.

If you are relying on trying to remember to ask your customers to refer your business, that’s not a marketing system, that’s wishful thinking. You want to make sure your customers know that you appreciate them and they will be rewarded for helping you grow your business.

That wraps up this week’s series on the 4R Marketing System. I really think this is the best webinar and series to started the year off right. In a nutshell, to continuously grow your business, you have to put systems in place to work for you while you are working in your business. Let’s face it, small business owners are pulled in a million different directions and don’t always have time to think about marketing and getting new business because they are only just handling the customers they have. This is a sure way to kill your dream. Take the time to put the systems in place now so they are working while you are doing what you do best.

Next week we are going to move on to Pinterest. I’ve done a few posts about this social network but it’s not going anywhere and is really growing from a business marketing stand point so I’m going to go into much further depth on how you can use it to grow your business.

Here’s to a great 2013!

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