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The second of the 4R Marketing System

Today’s post will cover the second of the 4R’s of the 4R Marketing System: Reach. This system is really crucial to building any business because if no one knows you are there, they can’t buy your stuff. But let me define reach in a little more professional fashion. But before we do that, here’s the pyramid to remind you of each of the 4R’s:

Online Marketing System

Reach, the second “R” in the 4R Marketing System is all about making sure people can find you online. This week’s webinar focuses on two excellent ways to improve your reach or your online visibility; one is by advertising on Facebook and the other is through mobile searching. Both are very powerful but I want to use this post to take a 10,000 foot view, to help you put Facebook and mobile in perspective.

There are billions of searches every month just in the US. What ever you sell, product or service, chances are your ideal customers are searching for it online. Some are searching to buy online and some are using the internet to compare prices before they buy in person. If people can’t find your business online when they are doing their research or they are ready to buy, the they will buy from your competitors.

Are you willing to give your competitors that advantage? Or are you ready to take control of your online presence and make sure that when people search online for personal trainer in Austin TX, they are going to find you and not the other guy with less experience and less integrity?

Reach is such an important component of the 4R Marketing System it should almost be the bottom of the pyramid but the truth is, you could have the best on-site SEO, the most backlinks and the highest page rank but if what they find is bad reviews, then you are not going to get any traffic, your competitors will.

So reputation is critical as is reach, they work together. Yes, you need a presence on Facebook and if you have a website, you need a mobile version. You need to be listed in business directories and you need to have reviews on those directories so people know that you are a legitimate business and you need those listings to boost your search engine optimization so people can find you online. I did a whole week’s worth of blog posts on search engine optimization so please take some time to read through those posts to get the concepts behind SEO and how to get started with your optimization.

So that’s the 10,000 foot view of reach, it’s all about being visible online. If people can find you and see that your customers love you, your business will grow, I promise you. Tomorrow we move to the third “R” of the 4R Marketing System: Resell. This is the easiest and fastest way to grow your business so I’m excited to give you a little more insight into this system and how you can automate it to keep your business growing regularly.


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