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Where do I send my traffic from my local online ads?

I hope you got a lot out of yesterday’s webinar. There was great response and some really good questions. For those of you who weren’t able to make the live webinar, here is the replay link. So far this week, I’ve gone through goal setting, competition research and keyword research for your local online advertising campaign, so today I’m going into a little more detail on setting up what’s known as a landing page for your ad so those that do click on the ad feel like they are in the right place.

I may have lost some people there so let me back up. When you place an ad, if it’s done correctly you should expect increased traffic to your site. Let me use the locksmith Austin example again to demonstrate what I mean. There are a few reasons someone would be looking for a locksmith. It might be an emergency situation, like locked their keys in their car so they need someone right away. If you offer this service and have set a goal of increasing emergency calls for your ad campaign, then if someone clicks on that link, they want to go to a page that provides them with the phone number to call or even a mobile site (if they are clicking from a smart phone) where they can instantly request service.

The landing page example provided in the webinar is below so you can get an idea of what a dedicated landing page looks like. I’m sure most of you have seen something like this if you’ve spent any time online or have ever clicked on a link from an ad or marketing email.

local online advertising

If someone who needs help now clicks on an ad and gets sent to your home page, they may have a hard time finding the phone number to call for service whereas if you send them to a very simple page that just  has your phone number and rates with a call to action, like “Call now for immediate service for lock-outs.” This provides a few different benefits outside of making sure your traffic feels welcome when they click on your ad. People need to be told what to do when they come to a page and a home page doesn’t always have a clear call to action and if it does, it may not be completely relevant to your ad. For example, if you provide many different types of services, like change locks for new homeowners, commercial locksmithing, etc. so you can’t have a specific call to action for the person looking for immediate help with their car so they want to know that they can get that service when they need it.

Other benefits are related to search engine optimization and doing what Google wants to see. Google wants to provide the best experience for its users so they want to make sure that the sites used in pay-per-click ads are providing the information stated in the ad. For example, if your ad says something like “Lock your keys in your car? Call now for immediate service anywhere in Austin.” But the link directs them to a general locksmith page so users have to search around for how much they will be charged for service or worse yet, they can’t find a phone number to call, then when Google reviews this ad prior to approving it, they won’t give it a good score. The search engines want to provide their users with the most relevant information so you want to make sure that the landing page is exactly what the ad implies.

If you don’t want to or are not able to create a separate page on your website to direct visitors from your ads, make sure that at the very least you direct them to the page about emergency car lock-out assistance. Every discrete service you provide should have a separate page so you can use this as a landing page for your ads, but also so visitors that come to your site from anywhere on the web can find out more about all your services. It’s a good basic web design practice to have separate pages for each service so that is an update to consider if that’s not part of your current site.

Tomorrow’s post will walk you through actually creating an ad for your business using this week’s posts, the information from the webinar and some extra bonus material. Again, here is the replay link for those that weren’t on the live webinar.


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