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Our First Social Media Consultation Contest

To celebrate the beginning of our second year in business and my completion of my very first marathon, I have decided to encourage donations to my favorite charity by having a contest for business owners to win an hour-long social media consultation with me. There will be four winners. The contest starts today and will close on December 10th, with the drawing and winner notification on December 11th.

I’m holding this contest for several reasons. I’m excited to share my recent good fortune and hard work resulting in the completion of my first marathon. I have been raising money for an amazing organization called Back on My Feet and I wanted to share the good work they are doing with my business contacts and associates because I’m inspired by what they have been able to achieve so far.

I am also excited about making it through my first year of business and beginning my second. So many businesses don’t make it this far. I saw a statistic the other day that something around 70% of new businesses don’t make it through their first year, so I’m feeling pretty good about making it this far, and I’m going to continue my growth to make sure I am doing even better a year from now.

One of the reasons my company has made it through the first year, besides the support I’ve received from many people including my family, but also because I have developed my business around education. Every client or even prospective client receives my SEO and social media primer in terms that they can understand and have meaning to them. This process is intended to take the mystery out of search engine optimization so my clients understand why they should care about using my services. If I have taught them enough for them to go and do it themselves, then I encourage them to take on that task and will support them in that effort. But providing them with an SEO and social media consultation generally provides not only the background and reasons for caring about these things, it also makes clear to the business owner why it’s worthwhile to hire someone to help them with these tasks.

The “aha” moment that I had early on in my internet marketing training that I will share here and will go into more depth in a future post is this. Search engine optimization is founded on Google and Yahoo and Bing asking one question: “Is this page/website relevant to the search term that the searcher just entered into the box?” That’s all it is. Now how they answer that question changes from time to time (actually it’s been changing monthly, it seems, of late), but that’s essentially the foundation of search engine optimization. Look for my post tomorrow on how this question gets answered if you’re curious.

If you are not sure about all this internet mubmo-jumbo but are curious, please take a minute to schedule some time on my calendar.  If you think a full hour is what you need, then make your year end charitable contribution of $50 or more to Back on My Feet for a chance to win a full hour with me.



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