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New Social Media Service Created for Entrepreneurs

Today is an exciting day at Sus4Media. We are launching two new services that are aimed at helping entrepreneurs navigate the murky waters of social media marketing. After working with small business owners and entrepreneurs for a couple of years, it has become clear that most small business owners are not using social media to their advantage, if at all.

There are several reasons for this:

  1. They don’t understand how social media can be used to market their business,
  2. They think social media is just for kids or is a complete waste of time,
  3. They don’t want some kid posting jargon and obscure abbreviations on their behalf,
  4. They don’t have the time to learn how to use it properly or maximize all the tools provided, or
  5. Their marketing budget is based on what they can find in the sofa cushions.

Some or all of these may be true for you so these two new services, the Social Media Mentor and Social Media Magician were made for you. These two packages provide small business owners with the one-on-one instruction and mentoring small business owners need, but at prices that are less than most cell phone bills.

Each Social Media Mentor client receives an individualized assessment of their current social media presence, recommended networks to target (usually one to three networks based on available time) and what types of things to post on each network to engage your audience. Social media done right will enable your current customers to become brand ambassadors, not just repeat customers.

What these services also provide is the guidelines for the business owner to post on social media using their voice. After all, every small business is about the owner almost as much as the business so being able to connect with that owner on more of a personal level is really what social media is all about. If you have someone else posting for you, some of that connection will definitely get lost in the shuffle.

The Social Media Magician service will provide the same guidance and education that the Mentor package provides, but with double the one-on-one time for that business owner who might have a little more time and money to spend and needs the extra TLC. We are excited to be offering these new services and have already been able to help our clients maximize their social media presence while not spending their precious time and money doing so.

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