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The Best Customer is an Educated Customer

I had an experience over the weekend that I just had to share. My husband and I bought our house a little over two years ago and are still getting used to the joys of home ownership, like getting the heat to come on in the fall when it starts to get cold. Our first winter the heat came on but it didn’t really keep the whole house toasty but it was warm enough. Last fall we had an early snow storm in October which is very unusual for New York City and when we tried to turn on the heat, nothing happened. We had three professionals come and take a look at it. The first two saw the gas burner and declined to investigate because they don’t do gas. I kind of get that, but as it turns out, it had nothing to do with the gas burner. The third guy who came banged on the exhaust duct and the unit kicked on, no problem. He told us he thought it was a stuck valve or something and banging shook it free so we were all set, no problem.

This fall, once again, we turned on the heat setting on the thermostat and again, nothing. The unit would kick on for a few seconds and then shut down again. Luckily, one of my running buddies has a boiler repair business so I was able to get her and her husband over to look over the boiler.

After two hours of inspection and education, they had checked the entire unit, given us a primer on how thermostats work, figured out which of our two thermostats actually controlled the heat and pinpointed the current issue which was a blocked vent. They cleaned out the vent, explained why that stopped the system and showed us how to clean it out ourselves if the same thing ever happened again. They spent so much time showing us what all the different parts were, how to check the water level, where the automatic feeder was and all kinds of details about our system that will make us better homeowners and customers.

Why do I bring this up in a blog post for my media company? Because this is how I like to treat my clients. I provide them with as much education as I possibly can so they understand what I am doing for them as well as exactly how and why it’s being done. I believe that by educating and taking the mystery out of internet marketing my clients will not only become better clients, they will value my services even more. It’s a partnership and if I don’t have a good partner, the results will show it.

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