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Announcing Sus4Media’s Weekly Webinar Series on Getting Your Business Found Online. Register below for the next event. Sign up even if you can’t make this date and time and we’ll send you the recording when it’s available.

“Think Social Media is For Kids, Not Business? Think Again!”

Join us for a FREE Webinar on Wednesday, March 28 at 7:00 PM (Eastern time)!

Get this: Americans spent 53.5 BILLION minutes on Facebook in 2011, according to Nielsen Online.

In May alone.

Join us for a live webinar and learn the top 7 SECRETS to how the smartest Main Street businesses—just like yours—are leveraging the incredible popularity of social media to CRUSH their competition!

Whether you sell B2B or B2C, your business needs to GET SOCIAL!

Register for our live webinar and discover:

  • Top strategies smart SMBs use with social media
  • Common myths surrounding social media marketing
  • Major business benefits of using social media and other social platforms to build relationships
  • Key considerations for businesses that are new to social media
  • And much more!

Click here to register for this webinar!

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